Event: SRC PNB Darby Park Staff Outing

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On Saturday 18 December 2010, Sport & Recreation Club PNB Darby Park organize staff outing at Nur Lembah Pangsun Hulu Langat. An event that strengthen relationship between staffs. Full of joy. laughter and cheerines. Thanks for give us an opportunity to capture the event. Few photo from that event. =)

Registration & Opening ceremony

Game I: The Dice
Take a step follow by the number has been show on the dice. Step forwards for even numbers, step backwards for odd numbers.

Game II: The Hair Styling
Style your model hair with the rubber band.

Game III: Fill in Bottled Water
Fill the water in the bottled in the given time.

Break, imported belly dancer =)

Game IV: Loop & Ball
Phase 1, get the loop to another checkpoint with hand intact. Phase 2, get the ball to another checkpoint with hand intact.

Game V: Gorilla Run
Carry the ball in between your leg.

Game VI: The Twins
Carry the ball back to back with your partner.

Game VII: The Rim and Stick
Pushing the rim with a stick while running.

Game VIII: The Warrior
Transform your model to be a warrior with tape and news paper.

Game IX: Treasure Hunt
Solve the puzzle based on the clues.

Closing ceremony.

Committee Members.


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