Event : Kuala Lumpur Meet Of Style (MOS)

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The Meeting is a peaceful event in a spirit of creativity and exchange. The international personality is a very important character, as among this scene the joining together has already passed many country limits. Nowadays the Schlachthof Wiesbaden enjoys a high reputation with its graffiti walls as "Hall of Fame" all over Germany, Europe , and even worldwide. Many artists from all over the world have left their signs of skill at the Meeting. The result was a festival which documents the vividness and variety of the worldwide Hip-Hop movement in a very impressive way. This could only be achieved by the positive echo among the scene. The Reputation of the Schlachthof Wiesbaden is this good thanks to the vividness of the graffiti scene and the Meeting. This way it became a nationwide well-known centre of this street art. Within just a few years it has not only become a very remarkable place of events. It has also developed to the main graffiti centre in the Rhine-Main area and meeting point for the skating scene. The "downtown air-flow still has an official high significance.
After several successful events with many thousand visitors we have managed to delay the often announced demolition. Nevertheless in late summer 2001 the city started to tear down while in winter of 2001 a group of dedicated young people formed the "IG Schlachthof", an association of different cultural and political youth-organisations. Together we work for a youth- and culturalpark at the spot, including a huge skatehall, an aerodynamical graffiti-gallery, basket- and streetsoccercourt, a creative-factory and much more. This concept is presently under political discussion (www.Kulturpark-Wiesbaden.de). As the Schlachthof is currently under reconstruction, it was not possible to keep the WallStreetMeeting in the same size and style like in the past. Based upon this fact our plan was to keep the spirit and message of the Meeting alive and to spread it all over Europe, which led us to the founding of the "Int. Meeting Of Stylez". To introduce this project a monument, to remind the WSM, has been created in april 2002 - info by http://wallstreetmeeting.de/


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